Worksome is a new alternative to expensive consulting firms, temp agencies and recruitment brokers. We remove the expensive middlemen and offer the most efficient solution for hiring freelancers and contractors

It’s 100% free to sign-up and get started on Worksome for both companies and specialists.

It’s also free to create a job, search for specialists, get offers, and message people you think match your needs.

Also, we only take the lowest possible commission, just 4% of the specialist’s payment once the job is completed. That’s the lowest fee on the market, by the way. That 4% covers our costs of taking care of the contract, billing, secure payment, legal and admin costs.

Our commission is no-cure – no pay, which makes us the most cost-effective solution on the market for both companies and specialists.

Also, to make everything transparent for you, all the costs you see on our website include commission.

That means no hidden costs or sneaky charges.

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