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Hello Monica, thanks for your bid. Would you be up for coming along to work at our office?


Most definitely! I live just 15 minutes way.

Monica Hall

Brilliant! It’s a three month project and we’re keen to get started asap. Are you free from Monday? And have you worked on any similar jobs via Worksome before?

Monica Hall is writing
Hooli is writing
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Monica Hall

Web & Apps

Working with Monica was a total joy. She’s highly skilled, oh-so-professional, and proactive too. Thank you for your quality work, Monica. We’re excited to collaborate with you again soon.

Web & Apps

Payment sent by Hooli

LEading the way in lithuania

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The Worksome platform takes care of hiring, contracts, billing, payment, and more. And we charge the lowest fee on the market – just 4%.


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David Howell, Forbes, February 2019

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